How do I receive payment from the buyer?

MrPlates offers a safe and secure messaging system to communicate with users. All negotiations are between buyers and sellers directly, as MrPlates doesn't take any commissions or fees from the sale of your personalised number plates.

Once you have agreed on a price, we recommend meeting the buyer at a local Traffic Authority office. This makes the transfer of ownership and collecting payment very easy. If that's not possible, only hand over a completed Transfer of Ownership form once payment has been received in full.

Recommended Payment Methods


Perfect for smaller priced sales. Exchanging cash is the simplest form of payment.

Direct Deposit

When meeting in person, you may watch the buyer make a transfer via Direct Deposit. Many direct deposit payments are now instant. It's worth noting that this payment method is risky for the buyer if you are not meeting in person, as there is little protection if you do not send them the completed Transfer of Ownership form.

Bank Cheque

For larger sales, where the buyer may feel uncomfortable carrying large amounts of cash, we recommend they draw a bank cheque from their bank. This is safer than a personal cheque as the money has been drawn from the buyers account, but it is possible the cheque is fake or has already been stopped. Always deposit the cheque and wait for it to clear, before handing over the plates.

Payment Methods to Avoid

Western Union

Any mention of Western Union should be treated as suspicious. This payment method is loved by scammers due to its non-existent paper trail.

Personal Cheque

Unlike Bank Cheques, Personal cheques can be cancelled any time before you have a chance to cash them in. If cancelled, you could lose both payment and your plates. If a buyer insists on this payment method, only send them the Transfer of Ownership once the cheque clears in your account.


Don't accept payments for more than the agreed value. A typical scam involves paying you too much (using a fake cheque) and then the buyer asks you to send them back the difference. Not only is this a massive time waster, but you could actually lose your own cash.

Finally, protect yourself as you would in any transaction and remember if an offer sounds too good to be true—it probably is. As always, if you're not sure about something, simply contact us.

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