How do I transfer number plate ownership?

Transferring your number plates to a the new owner is relatively painless. Simply complete a Transfer of Ownership form and exchange it for payment, with the buyer. This process is very similar to selling a vehicle. See links below to download relevant transfer form.

When possible, we suggest meeting the buyer in person at a local traffic authority office to make the exchange as smooth as possible. This will also allow you to register new plates for your vehicle at the same time, if required. For complete peace of mind, call your states traffic authority and they can confirm the seller is actually the current owner of the plates.

It's important to the remember your plates always remain the property of the state / country they are registered in. You are simply transferring the 'Rights to Display' your particular combination of characters.

Transferring Ownership

  1. Download a Transfer of Ownership form (see links below)
  2. Complete and sign the form, including your licence number
  3. Exchange payment for the completed Transfer of Ownership form

Remember, never hand over a completed Transfer of Ownership form without first receiving payment in full.

Transfer Forms


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