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Real Estate number plates

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A great addition to your selling strategy or for a creatively enthusiastic, motivated property developer! ****Would look sleek on your favourite vehicle, showing openly that you are enthusiastic about your industry! ***** Transfer these plates from car to car to extend your 'one off' promotion budget unlike signage that needs to be replaced every time you upgrade.
These plates are very sleek and will do their job!
Plates that draw viewers in to 'decode' are especially bold and interactive. It isn't too hard to read the message - 'REAL ESTATE!"

These plates are currently white on black - purchaser can change the colour etc. by visiting VicRoads.

These will sell fast at this price!!

The number 58 in numerology!!

The angel number 58 symbolizes the power of positive thinking, and its message is to be mindful of our thoughts. This means that we should focus on manifesting only those things that will bring us joy, abundance, and success. By doing so, we can increase our chances of attracting what we want into our lives.

The energy represented by the numerology number 58 has a focus on building a secure foundation for the future.

It also has a whimsical side, enjoying the prospect of experiencing something new when the opportunity arises, especially if the experience may apply to its primary focus — a foundation for the future to be safe on.

The 58 energy is pragmatic. It determines a good way to do something and implements that method until the goal is accomplished.
When new experiences or information suggest a different method may be more efficient, 58 will seriously consider it and may implement it if it's determined to be an advantage over the current method.
It is conservative and protective, with a strong sense of dignity and worthiness. Its rewards come because of patience, service, persistence, hard work, and dependability.

The deep down basic essence of the numerology number 58 is focus — a focus on doing the actions it takes to accomplish goals related to building a secure foundation for the future.


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