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4CHAN number plates

  • Registered in VIC
  • Format is NLLLL
  • 5 Characters long
  • White on Black background
  • Listed in Name


I believe these are still the most viewed plates on MrPlates. Negotiable Price.

Please ask to see my viewing stats if you think that's an exaggeration.
Never displayed. Offers considered.
The internet''s original meme board - creator of lolcats, ''Rickrolling'', boxxy, pedobear, ''an hero'', leetspeak, /b/, trolling.

Home of globally famous hacking group Anonymous and Project Chanology.

Censored by Homeland security, banned by AT&T, assistive in FBI investigations, the rude, raunchy underbelly of the internet... a complete subculture that continues to revolutionise the world.

All offers considered.

Google or Wikipedia 4chan to find out more.
Alternatively, message me and we can discuss further.


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