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Letter Number Number number plates


The only Signature series that hold value are LN or LNN in Letter o Series plates.
There is no other combination that can be put on enamel plates that aesthetically look of value when displayed.
o85 is the mock up version of 85
If you know the value of 85 then you can understand the aesthetic value of o85 printed in enamel.
Only 90 combos in LNN in Letter o Series were available.
Limited LN in Letter o Series were also available with sale values ranging from 70k-200k plus.
No NNL in Letter o Series and no NLL in Letter o Series also were not available with there being no other combinations to replicate any 1-999 numerical combinations.
1-999 are the true commodities of the plate market and the next best are Letter o Series in either 2 digits or 3.

Aesthetically the less numbers the more superior, 6 digit numbers look nowhere near as good as these 3 digit LNN in enamel. Sooner or later the market and collectors will prove this.

When the originals are out of reach because of price and rarity (1-999)
the next best is the replica version, and you can’t devalue replicas as we seen in the car market that well built replicas hold their value.


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