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Magnum, Dirty Harry, Lewis Hamilton number plates

  • Registered in VIC
  • Format is LNN
  • 3 Characters long
  • White on Black background
  • Listed in Numeral Only


Magnum, Dirty Harry, Lewis Hamilton, Double Death!

Do you feel lucky punk?

This series of plates are the only that appear as a completely numeric alternative to genuine Heritage plates. This series of plate as issued by VicRoads uses the same character for the letter O and the number 0 giving this plate a totally numeric appearance at the fraction of the cost of a 3 digit Heritage Plate.

One of only ninety available and one of just nine featuring double digits. The rarity of this plate is undisputable.
There will never be a numeric or heritage plate issued that starts with the number 0.

ACT O44 (letter, number, number) recently sold for $11,587.50 (inc. BP) at public auction which is 1/3 the value of heritage/numeric 3 digit plates within their small market.

Supplied with:
3 x Heritage styled plates (aftermarket)
1 x slimline prestige (aftermarket)
1 x full size prestige (aftermarket)
2 x slimline with frames in case (VicRoads Issued)

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