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$500 · Personal car rego plates
Personal Car Plates (DEEDEE)
Como, WA posted in For Sale
I bought My wife a NEW BMW Z4 Roadster in 2004 along with her own plates (DEEDEE).
These plates cannot be replicated anywhere in Australia.

My wife has been seriously ill for the last 17 months and unable to drive and has now unfortunately has passed away. So we had to sell her Z4, as it was costing too much money in insurance and licensing just sitting still in the garage.

I paid $659 back then for the plates, I am asking $500, or anything close . Who knows what they would cost now to replace if that was possible.

We live in COMO Western Australia and the plates are being held currently at the Dept of Transport.

My telephone No. is 0481 552 450.

I know there are other lovely ladies out there with the same beautiful name, who would love to have these Stand Out Plates on their wonderful vehicle. Congratulations to you in advance young lady.

Kind regards,


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