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Mirror - 'Wanker' number plates

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REKNAW - new Victorian number plate!

Do you love rippin' the ears off it, fancy a romantic date with Ms Palmer and her five daughters? Maybe you just think you're better than everyone else, if so, this is the PERFECT custom number plate for you!

Looks as per the mirror image when someone is looking at you in the rear vision mirror while crawling along the M1/M2 'freeways' here in Melbourne - similar black magic technology to the witchcraft on the bonnet of our Ambulances.

Would suit European/Exotic vehicles, caravans and cyclists who wear lycra (cable tie it to the back of your helmet)

Because I'm a generous bloke, I'll even cover freight costs to send it within Victoria via EXPRESS Courier - WOW!!!

Never fitted to a vehicle, was going to use on my next daily but my family has been kidnapped by Pornhub and I'm raising money for Krav Maga lessons.

(Does not come with stylish bed sheet in background of photo)

May consider offers from other wankers.


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