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1 Letter Wanted number plates

  • Registered in QLD
  • Format is N
  • 1 Character long
  • White on Black background
  • Listed in Name


Wanted. Single character QLD number plate.

I feel I need to be a little clearer with this ad, as I have received a large number of people contacting me, but confusion continues to be an issue.

- I am not selling a single character QLD number plate. I want to buy a single character QLD number plate.

- I am happy to pay the right money for the right plate. What does this mean? It means I am very much aware of what a single character QLD plate sells for/is worth. Thank you to the people who feel the need to point out historical sale prices/valuation opinions. I am sure you mean well and are only trying to pre warn me.

- I am a Serious buyer. This means I have the money to purchase a plate immediately - no delay - no “oh, I’ve got to sell this before I can do that”.

- I would have a preference for the plate J, K, I, H, V or O, but am happy to discuss on any character you want to sell. This means that in a perfect world, I would prefer to buy one of those letters, and could be more negotiable on what I would pay, as they have more meaning to me than other letters. With that said, I am aware that there are a limited number of plates that would be for sale at any time, so am realistic that my first preferences may not come available any time soon.

Extra info.

I am truly sorry if all this sounds like it is coming off harsh. I am not a harsh person, I think I’m quite friendly - but maybe all harsh people think they are friendly? It’s just the amount of contact I get asking me “how much do you want for your plate” is staggering. I would have thought the first word saying WANTED, would explain everything.

Finally. Yes, thank you, I am aware that there is a single character QLD plate advertised on MrPlates - the letter S. Before I placed this ad, I had made four attempts over a three month period to contact the owner on this MrPlates website, but the messages I have sent have not been opened by the seller. Of course, seller of S, if the plate is still for sale, please feel free to reply to my messages.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you if you have a single character QLD plate you would like to sell.

Joel. 0414933514


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