Asking Price


FTYPE8 number plates

  • Registered in VIC
  • Format is LLLLLN
  • 6 Characters long
  • White on Black background
  • Listed in Vehicle Model / Jaguar


Without doubt, these plates will really top-off the look of your pride and joy.
They have the 'model' name, and the lucky number'8'.
It would be the icing on the cake if your car is a 'V8'!
Imagine if this plate was on the options list, but only available to ONE car!
Don't miss out, and regret it when you are in your rocking chair!
Price is negotiable, but please keep in mind that it would be 'good karma' to pay the asking price!
The plates have never been placed on a vehicle, and they are slimline.
The colour is optional, as I can get it changed for you at Vicroads, without any added cost to you.
Feel free to inspect them on your vehicle, obligation free.
Cheers, Steven


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