Number Plate Registration Checks

When you have found a set of plates you're interested in purchasing, it's a good idea to make sure they are actually registered. Thankfully, each state has an online 'rego check' service which can confirm a variety of information. Although this differs between states, they all display the plates Registration Expiry Date, which is helpful in determining if the plates are in fact registered.

To get started, select your state below to visit the appropriate service. Enter the number plate characters to perform a search of the vehicle and number plate.

Tip: Check spaces. Sometimes sellers add extra spaces between characters in their listing incorrectly, which can result in the plates not being found. If this happens, contact the seller to confirm if there are spaces - maybe even ask them to send you a photo of them through the chat system.


Bonus tip: Occasionally number plates expire when owners don't pay the yearly renewal. Through your searching, if you find the plates are no longer registered, go register them straight away.

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