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UNWIND = Relax!!! number plates

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These number plates were used to help promote my business as
a Professional Massage Therapist, Relaxation Therapist and
Hypnotherapist many years ago!

The word "UNWIND" is synonymous with "let go of tension"...
"chill-out"..."take it easy"...etcetera!

I am now retired and no longer working in any of those health-
related fields of activity! I would love to see someone else who is
"carrying on my legacy" of helping other People in the areas of
Relaxation Therapies and my number plates ("UNWIND") will be
a wonderful and extremely appropriate "advertisement" for the
great work that they do and especially so, if they travel to the
homes and business premises of their Clients/ I did...
because those number plates will be on show...24/7/365.

Imagine just how MANY cars will view that word "UNWIND" as
they sit behind traffic and then will not be able to resist
reading the brief description (directly above or below the rear
number plate) of exactly what your business IS...what you DO and
how you can help THEIR tensed-up, overworked and
stressed-out...hour of need!!!


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