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FIREBIRD Gold number plates

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One of the most iconic movie cars ever the Y88. Legendary movie : Smokey and the Bandit , Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Y88 Gold Special Edition 1978. There are some lovely second generation Trans Ams in the UAE however it is hard to come by an original Y88 Gold Edition — but Elie Kallab has three! You’ll get there! “The Y88 Gold Special Edition is my favourite — and I have three of them”. We all know that the boom in Trans Am sales was after the success of the legendary movie Smokey and the Bandit featuring the Special Edition Trans Am which was a black car with gold decals and in 1978 they made another special edition car which was this Y88 code designation featuring gold paint and brown decals. With a big block V8, when I start the motor and hear the big block’s symphony, it brings me immense pleasure and when I remove the t-tops and drive this car on roads there is no better feeling. I also enjoy all of the thumbs up from people everywhere I go the Y88 - it’s the best!


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