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The Pareto Principle number plates

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The "PARETO PRINCIPAL" refers to the distribution of wealth (otherwise referred to as the 20/80 rule) where [20% of effort achieves 80% of the results] or for example, where 20% of my clients provide 80% of my income.

Of course in real terms it has a wide variety of context, for instance:
~ Taxation—where 80% of tax money comes from about 20% of society.
~ Project Management—where 20% of the effort produces 80% of the results .
~ Businesses— where 20% of the customers generate 80% of the derived income .
~ IT—where 80% of system crashes are caused by 20% of bugs.

The list could go on and on as the principle is very versatile.

This number plate has brought me good fortune and is eye catching on my Maserati. It has worked for me, but now I feel like a change. Someone elso might like to enjoy the benefits of this plate.

Will consider reasonable offers.


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