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Hong Kong I Love You number plates

  • Registered in VIC
  • Format is LLNNL
  • 5 Characters long
  • Gold on Black background
  • Listed in Sexy


Gong he fat choi, never used hence after transfer of rights you can put them on to your car for free, it will just continue your Regos expiration date.

For pic Goto

Never used standard size HK52O, for this style there is no number Zero, must use the letter O hence O is used as ZERO for this style. for this style nobody can get a Zero, the way Vic roads knows it's the letter O not number is because there is no space between HK and 52o

Means Hong Kong I Love You.

At the moment you cannot restyle to slimline, maybe in future there will be slimline style available.

This is your once in a decade chance, I'm a plate collector and just need some cash recently so have to sell this, but I'm not urgent. I'm sure who every gets these will not sell for another decade.
If you love the plate please txt me offer quickly. My friend offered to buy it for 888 and that was few years ago. Pls offer generously as I will be a doctor one day and I will help many people once I can pay my postgraduate UNi Fees.



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