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Me Twuk number plates

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This poem is of my best mate
A Workmate she would be
The series is a Hilux
Of Toyota aristocracy

For years she has been the No.1
You can't kill them you see
And it's not until death do we part
Shall I see the end of thee

Unlike a good woman
She is with you till the end
Tough and very reliable
And not much money to spend

She will honour and obey
Every time you turn the key
And kick her in the guts
She'll jump to attention, you'll see

And when you slip her into gear
She'll dig down deep and grunt
Don't back off the accelerator boy
Or she'll think your just a... Bugger

And as you run it through the gears
As smooth as silk you'll see
Up and down those hills
Why, this Ol' girl will do me

I've nicknamed this little lady Me Twuk
A toy twuk she would be
Toyota re-invented
Is stuck on her you see

It'll make her stand out
From the crowd
A personal signature you see
From Sir William of Wandandian
A Genuine Hill Billy


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