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Crypto Bitcoin number plates

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Your awesome !

Your intelligent !!

You invested in crypto and succeeded in it ! Flaunt it with these number plates !

A good way to show off your intelligence and a great talking point to females as well. People are fascinated about crypto and would love to hear more about it from you.

***********EXTREMELY RARE !**************
There will only be so many of these plates available for people to have on their cars.

******Once they are gone they are gone. ******

Having anything to do with the cyptocurrency world is the in thing and popular.

These plates= SUCCESS

These crypto plates are very fashionable and there is no other personalized number plate out there that is cooler or trendier than these ones.

In fact........ i have had several friends take photos of cars driving around or parked that had a crypto number plate. It's cool, it's a new thing and will be for ages !

WILL SUIT ANY CAR ! Not just a lambo.

Brand new, never used custom personalized plates QLD number plates 'HODLNG'

Premium deluxe slimline reflective front plate, back plate standard size.

Click on the Contact Button now to message me about these plates. I will receive an email and get back to you straight away.

Will accept payment in AUD or Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

P.S- For those who aren't familiar with crypto slang HODL means to HOLD. Meaning to "hold" onto your coins for long term. HODLNG is short for HOLDING.

Message now to inquire about the plates ! Looking forward to hearing from you.


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