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The Force number plates

  • Registered in VIC
  • Format is LLLNLL
  • 6 Characters long
  • White on Black background
  • Listed in Sexy


Use The Force! Don't underestimate the power of [your car].
Put them on a dark car and be seduced by the dark side of The Force.

These plates are also suitable for gamblers who bank on The-Ace for blackjack or poker. Or if you frequent night clubs regularly then you could be The Ace of clubs.
Also, if you have two cars and your other car has standard Victorian plates which read "The Place To Be" then together they could read as "The Place To Be The Ace".
It rhymes!

Hey Disney Execs!: Get free prime time news exposure with this record breaking (rags-to-riches) deal!
The current record price for a number plate in Australia is $2.4M, and in Victoria is $510K . Top that and earn prime time national exposure for the Star Wars brand! Plus you get to keep the car that these plates are currently affixed to (if you want it) at no extra cost!

Also note; every cent that I make with this sale will go towards setting up a brand new business with my own invention, including the neccessary patents and trademarks, which is certain to become a global success. But it cant happen without your investment so you can take pride in watching this business grow knowing that your generosity had allowed it to happen. But I need this initial investment.
Help me, number plate collector. You're my only hope!

*midiclorines not included
Contact: and be a Force for good!


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