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I Love My RX7 number plates

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  • White on Black-ilove background
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The Mazda RX7 joined the list of classic cars years ago and is now celebrating it's 50th birthday with the release of a new generation RX7.
The Japanese sports and exhibition car is set to impress onlookers with a design to rival Ferrari's and Porsche's as well as the driver with the return of the legendary, new and improved rotary engine.
Soon, both new and old generation RX7s will be shining in the showroom yet there is one number plate which will set them all apart.
Introducing the brand new, personalised, limited edition prestige plate "I LOVE MYRX7".
Other plates will try but none will say it better.
This is the number one plate for the mazda RX7 and it will be the envy of all Mazda RX7 fanatics.
This number plate is as essential to investments as the rotary engine is to the RX7.

*Brand new
* Black on white or white on black
*standard or slimline plate.


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